Android 13 is here – Samsung releases the first One UI 5.0 beta

Now, after a long wait, Samsung has released One UI 5.0 Beta version based on Android 13 to eligible Galaxy S22 series users including Europe, United States and South Korea. Other Asian versions like China are to follow. According to reports, the Chinese version of the Samsung Galaxy S22 will start OneUI 5 beta on August 22nd. With the update to One UI 5.0 Beta, Samsung has brought many useful new features to the new version of the system. The current beta version Samsung One UI 5.0 is only available for the Galaxy S22 series. Below is Samsung’s official update log for this new update. Let’s take a look at the Samsung One UI 5.0. What’s new?

A user interface 5.0

A UI 5.0 update (Android 13)

One UI 5 brings you enhanced personalization so you can better achieve what you want to do on your Galaxy device.

Bring more options to your palette

Overlay widgets on home screen

  • You can combine multiple widgets of the same size into a single widget to save space on your home screen. Just drag a widget to where you want it, and then you can swipe and switch between widgets.

See who is calling you at a glance

Only receive notifications that you allow

View app notifications easily

Choose the types of notifications the app can send

  • You can now individually control whether apps can show toast notifications, app icon logos, and lock screen notifications. All types are allowed, some or not. It depends on you.

Stay informed with reminders for “Today”

Show and hide completed reminders

Choose the right view for your memories

Set the language for each app individually

  • Want to use part A voice apps and part B voice apps at the same time? You can now select the desired language in the settings for each app.

Edit lock screen wallpaper collection

Customize Samsung keyboard blank row

Improved sound and vibration settings

One UI 5.0 improves work efficiency

Extract text (OCR) from any image or screen

  • Using Samsung keyboard, browser, gallery or screenshot, you can quickly extract text from it and paste the result into chat window, email or document without manual input.

Make suggestions based on the text in the diagram

  • When you take a picture with a phone number or website, or view a similar picture in Gallery, Camera, or other apps, Samsung suggests actions based on the text in the picture. For example, choose the number on the picture or visit the website on the picture.

Do more with connected devices

  • Added the Connected Devices menu to Settings, making it faster and easier to find features that work with other devices like QuickShare, Smart View, and Samsung DeX.

Switch views with gestures

  • If you swipe with two fingers from the left, right or bottom of the screen, you can switch from full screen to split screen. Additionally, if you swipe in from any corner of the top edge of the screen with one finger, you can switch from full-screen to pop-up view. Of course, gesture actions can be turned on or off in the settings.

Quickly open apps with split screen

Use multiple timers at the same time

Greater control over invitees for calendar events

Improve the Samsung DeX taskbar

  • New search buttons make it easier to find apps, and you can right-click specific apps for quick access to in-app tasks. You can also customize which buttons and apps appear on your taskbar.

New red notification dot in “DeX”

Mini Calendar (DeX)

Better support for physical keyboards

My Files search feature upgrade.

  • You can choose to search all files in the current folder or just files. You can also just search for the file name or search for information in the file, e.g. B. for text in a document or location information in an image. After your search is complete, you can sort the results by name, date, size, or file type.

Digital health reimagined

  • The digital wellness app has been redesigned and optimized for the features you need like screen time reports and app timers, while bedtime mode and focus mode have been moved to Bixby routines.

Do more with Bixby Routines on One UI 5.0

Bedtime mode has been changed to Bixby Routines

  • You can now manage bedtime mode in Bixby Routines. With Bixby Routines, you can automatically get more done while you sleep, e.g. B. Turn on Do Not Disturb or change other settings.

Choose a mode based on your activity

  • Choose a mode based on what you’re doing, such as B. Play sports, study or work and choose what you want your phone to do in each situation. For example, don’t interrupt while you’re studying or play music while you’re exercising.

Easier to find preset events

Quickly review preset events

More promotions and conditions for your routine

  • When you activate a certain mode, Samsung automatically launches the corresponding program for you. For example, open the wizard menu and adjust left/right tonal balance.

Express yourself with One UI 5.0

New emoji combinations

  • More than 80 additional emojis can be used in Samsung keyboard to create an emoji pair. In addition to facial expressions, you can now combine expressions based on animals, food, and other objects.

New AR Emoji stickers

  • Samsung offers new stickers to download so you can find more suitable stickers to express your emotions.

More default emotes for your AR Emoji

  • When you create a new AR Emoji, 15 emojis are created by default, giving you more ways to express yourself.

Transparent background for AR Emoji stickers

Make a video with two emojis together

  • Use 2 different emojis to create funny videos that you can share with friends, set as call background or display on your lock screen. A variety of dances and poses are included as templates.

Use any picture as emoji background

Add stickers to your Google Calendar

  • When adding an event to Google Calendar, you can now add some stickers to identify the event at a glance. After you add a sticker to an appointment, the sticker appears in the calendar and agenda views.

Make stickers from any picture

New stickers in photo editor

More ways to edit GIFs

Rearrange expression keys on Samsung keyboards

Find Emoji right from Samsung keyboard

One UI 5.0 images and videos

Get help with Pro mode

  • A help icon is displayed in Pro and Pro Video modes. Click on the icons for tips and guides on using the different lenses, options and controls.

Histogram in Pro mode

One-hand zoom

Just go back to photo mode

Add watermark to images

  • Automatically add a watermark to the corner of each photo, including the date and time the photo was taken or your phone model name or other customized information.

Food photography mode now supports telephoto lenses

New story look

Choosing a filter is easier

  • The filter selection menu has been simplified in the camera, photo editor and video editor. All filters are placed in a list, you can always find the filter you need for your image or video.

Open Bixby faster when you need it most

Faster than ever

No need to say “Hi, Bixby” when answering calls or turning off alarms/timers

  • When a call comes in, an alarm goes off, or a timer goes off, you don’t have to say “Hi Bixby” to get help from Bixby. Just say keywords like “answer the phone” or “turn off the alarm clock”.

One UI 5.0 ensures security and reliability

Check your phone’s security status at a glance

Get help in an emergency

emergency contact list

There will be reminders before personal information is shared

  • Samsung will ask you if you try to share a photo that contains sensitive information, such as a credit card, ID card, or passport, so you can avoid accidentally sharing private content.

Website Security and Privacy Information

Accessible to all

More accessibility options in Quick Panel

  • You can add high-contrast fonts, color inversions, color adjustments, and quick access color filters for easier access.

loupe optimization

Optimization of language support

  • Different types of voice feedback can be selected to help you use your phone when you cannot see the screen clearly. You can ask your phone to read what’s being typed on the keyboard so you can be sure you’re typing the right letters, use Bixby Vision to identify nearby objects and tell you what they are and what they are Open explainer video that shows what’s going on.

Improved braille display support

  • TalkBack now has native braille display support without installing an additional application.
  • Your braille display works with most of your phone’s features, including the initial setup.
  • It now supports English, Spanish, Arabic and Polish.

Easily edit accessibility buttons

New actions available for corner actions

  • When you move the mouse to a corner of the screen, you can now click and hold, drag, drop, and go to the top or bottom of the screen.

Other changes

New notification layout

Screen incoming calls before answering them

Drag and drop bookmarks between folders

  • Organize your Samsung Internet bookmarks by dragging and dropping them between folders.
  • If you are using the mobile application on your computer, you can choose whether you want to play the audio from your mobile application or on your computer by using the button in the application’s title bar.

Check the battery condition

virtual memory

Show application names in app edge panel

Galaxy Themes

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